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Code Name Price
25A-BEC-Air SonicElectric High Response ESC 25A-BEC-Air $31.95
35A-BEC-Air SonicElectric High Response ESC 35A-BEC-Air $41.95
45A-BEC-Air SonicElectric High Response ESC 45A-BEC-Air $55.95
60A-Opto-Air HobbyWing Pentium-60A Opto ESC $49.95
APC10x4-7SF APC Slow-Flyer 10x4.7SF $2.75
APC10x5 APC Electric Propeller 10x5 $2.75
APC10x7 APC Electric Propeller 10x7 $2.85
APC10x7SF APC Slow-Flyer 10x7SF $2.85
APC11x7 APC Electric Propeller 11x7 $3.00
APC12x6 APC Electric Propeller 12x6 $3.75
APC6x4 APC Electric Propeller 6x4 $2.20
APC7x5 APC Electric Propeller 7x5 $2.20
APC8x4 APC Electric Propeller 8x4 $2.50
APC8x6 APC Electric Propeller 8x6 $2.50
APC9x4-7SF APC Slow-Flyer 9x4.7SF $2.50
APC9x6 APC Electric Propeller 9x6 $2.50
APC9x6SF APC Slow Flyer 9x6SF $2.50
B4LM Berg 4L Microstamp Receiver $29.95
DNPAdapter4S DN Power Balance Charger to TP Thunder Power 4S Battery Adapter $4.95
DNPLV18A DN Power LV-18A $19.95
DNPLV25A DN Power LV-25A $30.95
DNPLV36A DN Power LV-36A $34.95
DNPPS AD-DC Power Supply for Li-Po Charger $22.99
DSR-30-Housing DSR-30 Pre-Installation Housing $3.95
DSR-30-SpringGear DSR-30 Spring wire gear set with wheel $5.95
DSR-30DGS DSR-30 Intrnal Driving Gear Set $9.95
DSR-30L DSR-30 Left Side Retract $41.95
DSR-30NMA DSR-30 Nose Metal Arm for Spring Wire Gear $13.95
DSR-30NMAT DSR-30T Series Nose Metal Arm $13.95
DSR-30TB Complete New DSR-30TB Retract Landing Gear System $167.25
DSR-30TBMR DSR-30TB Main Rotate Retract Set $149.95
DSR-30TWMA-R DSR-30T Series Wing Rotate Metal Arm $13.95
DSR-30WMA-R DSR-30 Wing Rotate Metal Arm $13.95
DSR-IntenalGears Metal Angle & Worm Gear Set for DSR-46T $7.95
DSR-MetalArm New DSR-46T Metal Arm (Main) $18.95
DSR-MetalArmGear-L DSR46T Left side metal arm gear $14.95
DSR-MetalArmGear-R DSR46T Right side metal arm gear $14.95
DSR-MetalArmLinkage DSR-46T Metal Arm Linkage $5.95
EDF-GWS-J10 GWS-J10 EDF Jet $75.00
EDF-Lander-F-16D-BRW-Comb Lander F-16D Blue Brid Falcon EDF Jet with Electric Retract & Gear Door Opener $279.95
EDF-Lander-F-16D-WR-Comb Lander F-16D/WR Fighting Falconr EDF Jet with electric retract and gear door opener $269.95
EDF-Lander-F-16I Lander F-16I Fighting Falconr EDF Jet $129.95
EDF-Lander-F9F-2 Lander F9F-2 Panther EDF Jet $129.95
EDF-Lander-F9F-8 Lander F9F-8 Cougar EPO foam EDF Jet $159.95
EDF-RedArrow RedArrow EPS Foam Model $79.95
EHC-303RTF 2 Channel Syma 603 Yellow RC Helicopter $19.99
EHC-304RTF 2 Channel Syma Schweitzer 300 $19.99
EP-3DSE-C SE-3D Combo $125.99
EP-EXTRA300-C Extra 300 Combo $129.99
EP-GEEBEEY-C Electric Gee Bee Y Combo $159.95
EP-SPITFIRE-C Spitfire Combo $125.99
EPF-Long-EZ Long-EZ EPS Foam Model Combo $89.99
ERS-Strut-A Oleo Strut/wheel Set for F9F-2 or similar airplans $55.95
ERS-Strut-B Oleo Strut/wheel Set for F-16, F-18 etc. $65.95
ERS-Strut-C Oleo Strut/wheel Set with larger Wheel for Mig-17 etc. $65.95
ERS-Strut-D Dual Oleo Strut/wheel Set for heavier 40-60 size airplanes $69.95
GeeBee-Special Electric Gee Bee Y Combo $159.95
GP-Skylark-C Skylark Combo $139.99
HitecM05S Hitec Micro 05S $29.95
HM-20D-Z-14 Tail Servo Holder $3.50
HM-22D-Z-1 Main Rotor Blade $5.80
HM-22D-Z-11 Vertical Stabilizer $3.10
HM-22D-Z-12 SwashPlater Set $4.70
HM-22D-Z-13 Tail Strut 2 $2.40
HM-22D-Z-15 Skid Landing Gear $4.70
HM-22D-Z-16 Motor Retainer Frame $4.30
HM-22D-Z-19 Main Shaft $4.70
HM-22D-Z-2 Flybar Paddle $3.50
HM-22D-Z-21 Tail Rotor Blade $3.50
HM-22D-Z-24 Tail Rotor Gear Hub $2.60
HM-22D-Z-25 Transmission Shaft $3.50
HM-22D-Z-26 Tail Boom $3.50
HM-22D-Z-28 Aluminium Ring $2.50
HM-22D-Z-29 Bearing Set $5.20
HM-22D-Z-30 Screw Set $4.80
HM-22D-Z-31 Motor Set $11.10
HM-22D-Z-32 Servo / each $8.30
HM-22D-Z-33 Receiver (US Version) $26.70
HM-22D-Z-34 Battery $13.70
HM-22D-Z-4 Rotor Head $3.50
HM-22D-Z-5 Main Blade Holder $3.90
HM-22D-Z-7 Tail Servo Rod $2.40
HM-22D-Z-8 Canopy Holder $2.40
HM-22D-Z-9 Rotor Head Ring $2.40
HM-36-Z-1 Main Rotor Blade $9.60
HM-36-Z-10 Bellcrank Set $5.40
HM-36-Z-11 Main Blade transverse Shaft $4.10
HM-36-Z-12 Rotor Head $6.40
HM-36-Z-13 Main Shaft Sleeve $4.10
HM-36-Z-14 Inner Rod $4.10
HM-36-Z-15 Swashplate $8.20
HM-36-Z-16 U-shape Connector $5.40
HM-36-Z-17 Tail Strut $4.10
HM-36-Z-18 Toothed Synchromesh Belt $8.20
HM-36-Z-19 balance blades Rod Holder $4.10
HM-36-Z-2 Flybar Paddle $4.50
HM-36-Z-20 Tail Rotor Blade $5.40
HM-36-Z-21 Stabilizer $5.40
HM-36-Z-22 Tail Holder $5.40
HM-36-Z-23 TailShaft Set $9.50
HM-36-Z-24 Skid Landing Gear $5.50
HM-36-Z-25 Tail Boom $4.10
HM-36-Z-26 Gear Set $8.20
HM-36-Z-27 Tail Servo Rod Shaft $4.10
HM-36-Z-28 Main Shaft Fixing Set $4.10
HM-36-Z-29 Copper Sleeve $5.40
HM-36-Z-3 Flybar $4.50
HM-36-Z-30 Principle Axis $4.10
HM-36-Z-31 Steering Holder $6.00
HM-36-Z-32 Main Gear $8.20
HM-36-Z-33 Main Frame $16.30
HM-36-Z-34 Tail Servo Holder $5.50
HM-36-Z-35 Bearing Set $6.50
HM-36-Z-36 Screw Set $8.20
HM-36-Z-39 3-in-1Receiver(RX602 USA Version) $45.00
HM-36-Z-4 Flybar Paddle Holder $4.50
HM-36-Z-46 Kit Content $8.50
HM-36-Z-5 Balance Screw $4.10
HM-36-Z-6 Ball Linkage Set $9.80
HM-36-Z-7 Aluminum Ball $2.70
HM-36-Z-8 Main Blade Holder $5.40
HM-36-Z-9 Balance Bar Sleeve $4.10
HM04 Walkera HM 04 $69.95
HM22D Walkera HM 22D $79.95
HM2D-Z-17 Tail Servo Rod Holder $3.50
HM36 Walkera HM 36# $139.99
HM36-B Walkera HM 36#B $159.99
HM5-4 Walkera HM 5#4 $79.95
HM5-4-Z-01 Flybar Set $4.70
HM5-4-Z-02 Main Rotor Blade $5.20
HM5-4-Z-03 Main Blade Holder $3.50
HM5-4-Z-04 Swashplate $5.80
HM5-4-Z-05 Ball Linkage Set $4.70
HM5-4-Z-06 Swashplate Guide Frame $3.50
HM5-4-Z-07 Small Shaft $4.70
HM5-4-Z-08 Hollow Shaft $3.50
HM5-4-Z-10 T-Shape Holder $3.50
HM5-4-Z-11 Main Frame $7.20
HM5-4-Z-13 SKid Landing System $3.50
HM5-4-Z-14 Aluminum Ball $2.40
HM5-4-Z-15 Battery Box $2.40
HM5-4-Z-16 Screw Set $2.40
HM5-4-Z-17 Bearing Set $3.50
HM5-4-Z-18 Canopy $5.00
HM5-4-Z-19 Servo $16.50
HM5-4-Z-20 Motor Set $16.70
HM5-4-Z-23 Charger $13.50
HM5-6 Walkera HM 5#6 $89.95
HM5-6-Z-01 Main rotor blades $7.80
HM5-6-Z-02 Flybar Set $4.30
HM5-6-Z-03 Main blade holder $4.30
HM5-6-Z-04 Tail Trus $3.70
HM5-6-Z-05 Skid landing $3.70
HM5-6-Z-06 Ball linkage set $3.70
HM5-6-Z-07 Hollow shaft $4.30
HM5-6-Z-08 Small shaft $5.20
HM5-6-Z-09 T-shape holder $8.80
HM5-6-Z-10 Canopy $3.70
HM5-6-Z-11 Swashplate $4.30
HM5-6-Z-12 Gear Set $3.70
HM5-6-Z-13 Fixing set $3.70
HM5-6-Z-14 Bearing set $3.60
HM5-6-Z-15 Screw set $3.70
HM5-6-Z-16 Battery Box $1.70
HM5-6-Z-17 Main Frame $8.70
HM5-6-Z-18 Motor (1215) $8.70
HM5-6-Z-19 Servo (3 g) $9.00
HM5-6-Z-20 Battery (3.7V, 400 mAh) $16.20
HM5-6-Z-21 Receiver (RX408) US version $33.00
HM5-8 Walkera HM 5#8 $99.95
HM60-Z-01 Main rotor blade $9.60
HM60-Z-02 Flybar Paddle $4.60
HM60-Z-03 Flybar $4.60
HM60-Z-04 Bellcrank set $8.80
HM60-Z-05 Balance block $4.10
HM60-Z-06 Ball linkage set $9.80
HM60-Z-07 Aluminium ball $3.70
HM60-Z-08 Blade holder $5.40
HM60-Z-09 Z-Shape holder $8.80
HM60-Z-10 Main rotor shaft $4.10
HM60-Z-11 Rotor head $6.50
HM60-Z-12 Cylinderical pin holder $6.00
HM60-Z-13 Steering holder $6.00
HM60-Z-14 Ring-Sharp connector $2.80
HM60-Z-15 Swashiplate $8.20
HM60-Z-16 Tail strut $4.00
HM60-Z-17 Tail holder $5.40
HM60-Z-18 Stabilizer $5.40
HM60-Z-19 Tail rotor blade $5.60
HM60-Z-20 Tailboom $4.50
HM60-Z-21 Tail shaft set $8.80
HM60-Z-22 Main frame set $16.30
HM60-Z-24 Pulley set $6.80
HM60-Z-27 Toothed Synchromesh belt $8.20
HM60-Z-28 Belt wheel $5.50
HM60-Z-29 Rudder servo rod $5.50
HM60-Z-30 Main frame $18.50
HM60-Z-31 Skid Landing $4.80
HM60-Z-32 Locating set $6.50
HM60-Z-33 Bearing set $6.80
HM60-Z-35 Screw set $8.20
HM60-Z-38 Battery-NiMh $10.50
HM60-Z-39 Receiver $40.00
HM60-Z-41 NiMh Charger $9.00
HM60-Z-42 Gyro $38.50
HM60-Z-45 Kit content $8.50
Jets-light Jet lighting with After burner effect exhaust lighting $24.95
LDERS-AR Lander ERS Rotating Type Main Retract Set $105.95
LDERS-B Lander ERS-B Retract Set (F9F-8 or similar size) $129.95
LDERS-C Lander ERS-C Retract Set ( F-16 or similar gear set-up) $129.95
LDERS-D Lander ERS-D Retract Set (Mig-17 or similar 90mm EDF) $144.95
LDERS-DR Lander ERS Rotate Retract Set (90 degree rotate) $179.95
LDERS-DS Lander ERS Rotate Dual Suspension Retract Set ( for Mig-17 or similar swept wing 90mm EDF jets) $159.95
LJP-A1 Scaled Jet Pilot $4.00
LJP-B1A RHJet Pilots $4.00
MG-WHATT Astro Flight Super Whattmeter $49.95
MultiCharger Multiplex Charger LN-5014 $70.00
PCADT-PL Power Adapters - Parallel connection to double the current (Amp) $5.95
PCADT-SL Power Adapters - Serial connection to double the Voltage $5.95
SE-033-00601 Quick Glue for all foam type products 40ml $2.99
SE-2809-910 SE Hi-torque Brushless Motor SE-2809-910 $21.95
SE-2813-1020 SE Hi-torque Brushless Motor SE-2813-1020 $31.95
SE-2820-1050 SE Hi-torque Brushless Motor SE-2820-1050 $41.95
SE-2845B-2600 SE Series EDF Motor 2845B-2600 $54.95
SE-3525-810 SE Hi-torque Brushless Motor SE-3525-810 $62.95
SE-LEDF68-1A23 EDF68 Lander Metal Ducted Fan w/motor for 6 LiPo setup $129.95
SE-LEDF68-1A35 EDF68 Lander Metal Ducted Fan w/motor $109.95
SE-LEDF76-1A18 EDF76 Lander Metal Ducted Fan w/1800KV Motor $145.95
SE-LEDF90-2A17 Lander Upgraded 90mm Metal Ducted Fan w/1700KV motor for 6S LiPo set-up $169.95
SE-LEDF90-3A12 Lander Upgraded 90mm Metal Ducted Fan w/1280KV motor for 8S LiPo set-up $169.95
SE-MSComb1 SE-2809-910 BL Motor with Castle PHX-10 ESC $75.95
SE-MSComb2 SE-2809-910 BL Motor with LV18A ESC $57.90
SE-MSComb4 SE-2820-1050 BL Motor with 35A-BEC-Air ESC $95.90
SE-T01-3905SVOT Mini Servo Tester $22.95
SE-T01-4069SIXP Universal 6 Pins Connector $5.95
SE-T01-4070EXHD Universal type 4 different color Extension Connector Holder Set $6.95
SE-T01-4085ESLP Security Lock Pack for Servo Extension Connectors $6.95
SE-T01-5048DSC4 DSC Switch with LED Indicator for 4.8V $15.95
SE-T01-5048DSC6 DSC Switch with LED Indicator for 6.0V $15.95
SE002-00901-30 Aluminum E-Spinner D30xH30 3.0mm $7.50
SE002-00902-30 Aluminum E-Spinner D40xH37 3.0mm $9.50
SE002-01001-23 Aluminum E-Spinner D32xH30 2.3mm $8.50
SE002-01001-30 Aluminum E-Spinner D32xH30 3.0mm $8.50
SE002-01001-32 Aluminum E-Spinner D32xH30 3.2mm $8.50
SE002-01002-30 Aluminum E-Spinner D40xH35 3.0mm $9.50
SE002-01002-32 Aluminum E-Spinner D40xH35 3.2mm $9.50
SE002-01002-40 Aluminum E-Spinner D40xH35 4.0mm $9.50
SE002-01201 Propeller Adapter 5x2.0 $2.95
SE002-01202 Propeller Adapter 5x2.3 $2.95
SE002-01203 Propeller Adapter 5x3.0 $2.95
SE002-01204 Propeller Adapter 6x3.0 $3.50
SE002-01205 Propeller Adapter 6x3.2 $3.50
SE002-01206 Propeller Adapter 6x4.0 $3.50
SE002-01207 Propeller Adapter 8x5.0 $4.50
SE003-00200-30-7B EDF50 Heavy Duty Electric Ducted Fan Unit $18.99
SE003-00268-32-5B EDF68 Electric Ducted Fan Unit $16.99
SE003-00300-32-7B EDF75 Heavy Duty Electric Ducted Fan Unit $30.99
SE005-0112UNSE 12" Universal Servo Extension $2.15
SE005-0118UNSE 18" Universal Servo Extension $2.55
SE005-0206UNYA 6" Universal Y adapter $3.55
SE005-0212JRSE 12" JR Servo Extension $1.95
SE005-0212UNYA 12" Universal Y Adapter $4.15
SE005-02JST JST Power Connector Set $2.00
SE005-02ULTRAP Ultra Deans Power Connector Set $2.95
SE007-02301-AL Aluminum Control Horn L31xH30 (Pair) $2.95
SE007-02302-SS Stainless Steel Control Horn L31xH30 (Pair) $2.95
SE007-02401-AL Aluminum Screw Horn D4xL24 (Pair) $2.99
SE007-02501-20 Standard Bearing Rod Joint L22xD5.5xT2.0 (Pair) $3.95
SE007-02502-25 Standard Bearing Rod Joint L22xD5.5xT2.5 (Pair) $3.95
SE007-02503-28 Standard Bearing Rod Joint L22xD5.5xT2.8 (Pair) $3.95
SE019-01803-28 Brushless Motor Mount 28-30 $9.99
SE019-01805-35 Brushless Motor Mount 35-40 $10.99
SE019-01809-42 Brushless Motor Mount 42 $12.99
SE025-00106-A Plastic Red Folding Propeller 6x3 $7.99
SE025-00106-C Plastic Red Folding Propeller 6.5x4 $8.99
SE025-00107 Plastic Red Folding Propeller 7.5x4 $9.99
SE025-00108-B Plastic Red Folding Propeller 8x6 $10.99
SE025-00306-B Aluminum Folding Propeller 6X4 $12.99
SE025-00307 Aluminum Folding Propeller 7.5x4 $13.99
SE025-00308B Aluminum Folding Propeller 8x6 $14.99
SE025-00309-A Aluminum Folding Propeller 9x5 $14.99
SE025-00310 Aluminum Folding Propeller 10x8 $15.99
SE025-01001-30J Light Weight Fixed Landing Gear with Wheels $25.99
SE025-01001-40J Aluminium Light Weight Strut with Wheel Set $29.99
SE025-01001-60J Aluminum Fixed Landing Gear with Wheels $28.99
SE025-01101-60 Tail Wheel Assembly for size 30 & up to size 60 airplanes $10.99
SE025-01102-90 Tail Wheel Assembly for size 40 & up to size 90 airplanes $12.99
SE025-01103-120 Tail Wheel Assembly for size 60 & up to size 120 airplanes $14.99
T-Rex450S-CF T-Rex 450S-CF Combo set $219.95
TN-1300-3S Tenergy 11.1V 1300 mAh 25C LiPo Pack $39.95
TN-1300-4S Tenergy 14.8V 1300 mAh 25C LiPo Pack $55.95
TN-2100-3S30C Tenergy Hi--Discharge 2100 mAh 30C, 11.1V LiPo $49.95
TN-4450-4S25C Tenergy Hi--Discharge 25C,14.8V 4450mAh LiPo $119.95
TP-2200-4SXV Thunder Power RC TP-2200-4SXV 25C LiPo $95.95
UltimateBEC-Unit 5V UBEC Unit for OPTO ESC $14.95
DSR46T-MetalSidePlate-R New DSR-46T Right Side Metal Plate $22.95
DSR-30TBM-TrailLinkGear DSR-30TB Trail-link main gear set w/wheel $17.95
Heli-light Heli or passenger airplanes lighting $28.95
ProgramCard HobbyWing ESC Programming card $29.95
EDF-Lander-F9F-8WRB-Combo New Lander F9F-8 WRB Cougar EDF Jet with Electri Retract Syatem $259.95
EDF-Lander-F9F-8ORB-Combo New Lander F9F-8 ORB Cougar EDF Jet with Electric Retract System $269.95
LD-MERS-A Newest version Full Metal type Electric Retract System $139.95
PCADT-PL-C Compact Ultra Deans Power Adapter $5.95
PCADT-PL-D Compact Ultra Deans Power Divider $5.95
ERS-Strut-E Oleo Strut Set for heavier 90-120 size Airplanes $79.95
ERS-Strut-EW Wheels for ERS-Strut-E $6.50
SE-LEDF68-1A36D EDF68 Lander Dynamic Power Metal Ducted Fan w/motor $129.95
LD-MERS-AM New Full Metal Rotate Main Electric Retract Set $139.95
SE-2850B-3575 New Lander EDF Motor 2850B-3575 $55.95
ERS-Strut-F Oleo Strut Set for heavier 90 size Airplanes $79.95
ERS-Strut-G Oleo Strut Set for heavier 60-90 size Airplanes-T45 $79.95
DSR-30TL DSR-30TA Rotate type Left Side Retract $39.95
DSR-30TR DSR-30TA Rotate type Right Side Retract $39.95
ERS-Strut-H Oleo Strut Set for 40 to 60 size Airplanes $79.95
ERS-Strut-J Oleo Strut Set for 60 size Airplanes $69.95
ERS-Strut-K Oleo Strut Set for 40 to 60 size jets $69.95
LD-MERS-AM100 New Full Metal 100 Degree Extend Main Electric Retract Set $139.95
EDF-Holiday-Sales EDF Special sale for Holiday season $0.00
ERS-Strut-F2W Two Main Wing Setup Retract with wheel for 90 size Airplanes $69.95
LD-LMERS-1B Large Full Matel Heavy Duty Electric Retract System $299.95
LD-LAIMEG-1B New Alloy Electric Retract Set $199.95

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